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Write a Web Rationale/Mission Statement ]

The rationale or mission should summarize objectives and the basic reason for choosing to be online. After all, some idea or outline of the required content for the web site must exist before work can proceed, and documenting these ideas can often focus them. Often it is as important to define what is not going to be part of the web site's purpose, and these definitions can be recorded with the rationale even if they don't make it into a zippy one-line mission statement.

Case Study: Dave’s Rose Emporium Rationale

In order to illustrate some of the concepts noted below we'll use the example of Dave’s Rose Emporium - a flower shop located in that strip mall you pass on the way home. Dave's feeling left out by the number of dot com ads he sees and hears and wants an online presence.

So here's what Dave might come up with:

"Dave's Rose Emporium will improve its business image and increase customer service levels by providing information and discussion about products available and about flower care in general."

An appropriate online presence will aid us in two ways:

  1. by showing customers that we are a modern business capable of effcieint operations.
  2. by displaying our expertise in our business area

Dave's will not seek full e-commerce capabilities as the service region will remain local for the present.

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