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Site Builder Guide - Introduction ]

The steps involved in the successful implementation of a web site can generally be broken down into four basic areas as follows:

  • Rationale
  • Content
  • Logical Design
  • Graphical Design

In concrete terms the corresponding steps (and coincidentally the names of the next sections in the guide) might be to:

Regardless of the final web-page application, these four basic components and their associated steps can be viewed discretely (and at least for the purposes of building a first generation web-site, should be). That is to say that although there is some requirement that these activities be carried out in the order listed, there exists good opportunity for parallel efforts. The basic rationale for the web-site should be documented (if only to act as a reference point or focus criteria for inclusion of content) but once this is done it can act as a gauge for the appropriateness of content and the real work can begin: Content Assembly.

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Located in Cambridge (Kitchener/Waterloo, Guelph), Ontario, Canada, Studio Braun (operated by Graham Braun) offers premium (the best) web hosting and design services including database  backed web-sites, full e-commerce solutions, economical affordable hosting plans and packages, graphic design, photoshop, flash, photography, image editing, e-business, personal, non-profit, free consultation, on-site photography, project-based, site design, full featured, affordable web hosting, 100%,  preparation and customization of content, site maintenance, images for web, web development, project,  portraiture, digital enhancement and prints. A working amateur in photography, Graham Braun is available for hire in many styles from commercial to corporate and formal and location (environmental)  portrait work.


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