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Facility Related Information

Our servers are located in Canada's premiere carrier hotel at 151 Front St., Toronto ( We are proud to be 100% Canadian.

- Facility powered by multiple redundant power grids
- Redundant power switching gear
- Floor wide UPS systems, 4 hour minimum charge
- Redundant on-site generator systems
- Emergency building power umbilical cord with generator truck agreements

- Multiple on-site security personnel
- Optical Turn styles,
- Redundant camera systems, Card Readers
- Security lock-down elevators and stair wells 24x7
- Dual redundant Libert Climate Control (HVAC) Units

- 25 Diverse fiber-optic cable entrances into the building for maximum redundancy
- Access to over 150 local Carriers and Telecommunications companies
- Perimeter water detection systems
- Over 5,000 strands of fiber connecting internal and external networks
- Over 15,000 Copper pairs for voice and data applications

Network Related Information

Multiple redundant links to the Internet routed by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)

100% Cisco powered network

Access to the following connections to maximize up-time:
 - 100mbps connection to Peer1
 - 100mbps connection to Yipes!
 - 100mbps connection to Ottawa Telecomm

Access to the following private peering arrangements:
 - 100mbps connection to Torix (Toronto Internet Exchange)
 - 7mbps connection to Ottix (Ottawa Internet Exchange)
 - over 50 private peering arrangements over these Internet Exchanges