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All the text and pictures on this web server are copyright 1999-2003 Studio Braun.



If you would like to print out web pages for your own perusal (or to share with friends) please feel free. We would ask that you leave the browser default headers and footers in place so that people can see the URL and find the originals online for themselves. Please don't break up an article. If you're printing a picture to frame or stick on your bike helmet then go ahead, but remember: don't run with scissors. If you'd like us to print one for you we will do so free of charge provided you donate the costs to one of the charities we endorse (although we're open to suggestions).


Web Pages

If you'd like to include our images on your web page just let us know. We can send you custom sized jpegs or uncompressed files so that they will look good on your page. WeI'll ask you to credit us with a link back to my server.

Something like this would be great:

Your caption here.
photograph courtesy Studio Braun

Please don't link in to our images for display on your page; host your own copy. Please don't lift articles (or text) to your site. Link to our site (we guarantee the link won't go dead).

Non-Profit or
NGO use

If one of our images or articles will help support your cause we will probably donate it to you for your use. We can't guarantee the releases necessary for all pictures and places, but will gladly try to help. Just drop us a line and we'll figure out how to meet your goals.


Talk to us. You may not use our text or photos for commercial purposes without our authorization. (Although we probably won't object to letting you use stuff we want to reserve the right.) More information specific to photographic royalties can be found on the photo: purchase page.