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A digitally scanned negative, positive, or print gives freedom to accomplish things that are often beyond the abilities of a traditional 'wet' darkroom. Even where traditional methods would suffice, digital editing often provides a better cost of work. We embrace the digital darkroom process here, and have the tools and resources to meet the exacting needs of any final required product.

enhancing - For images we set out to make we include the digital enhancements that make the image final. From split-toning a black and white image to subtle improvements on tone and balance we bring the image in line with the artistic goals. click here

fixing up - For images that already exist we do restoration and modifications to bring the image back to life, or otherwise correct a problem. We can work from negatives, slides, or prints, but prefer to have the original film when it's accessible in order to start from the most complete image information available. click here

printing - Once it's final, we'll have a custom print done. Prints resulting from a digital workflow are in many ways accepted as capable of achieving superlative results. click here


Digital printing, enhancement, restoration: professional results are all a part of the Studio Braun digital darkroom process, handling everything from phoptographic restoration and repair to enhancement of portraits and photographs through to web optimization and image preparation and generation, using all the best tools from photoshop to Kodak and Fuji printers.



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