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purchasing from us

When we categorize the receipt of money it's generally as follows: (please note that are prices are dollars Canadian $CDN)


for services


for prints of pictures


for the rights to use an image

portrait sessions

secure web proofing

product/location photography

image manipulation/restoration

basic printing


web site content

printed materials



portrait sessions and proofing

This is a two part process. We start with a basic meeting to discuss the types of work we do, the locations possible for the shoot, the wardrobe you should wear, the results you're looking for, and the date we'll get back together. When the shoot takes place we won't rush through things, and we'll often plan for a couple of hours.

Once done, we will provide online proofs of the best images to you. The online location will be secure and will require your username and password for access. From there you can order copies of each of the images in various sizes or packages, and you can even share the location (and access) with friends and family so that they can order directly if you like.

Although the final price will be somewhat dependent on location and the ultimate objectives of the shoot (for example different groupings of people will require extra time), this process generally costs between $250 and $400. This includes everyting from our time through film, post exposure optimizations and proofing. We charge for our time and expertise in preparing the images, and don't seek to make large profits on the prints you order.

product and location photography

Whether for use in print or on-line, we start with full resolution images. As such, we base our rates on time plus expenses. The time required will be entirely dependent on the subject so please get in touch and we'll discuss a solution for you.

image manipulation and resoration

All of our photo sessions include some digital retouching to optimize the results. If you would like something extra done, or have an existing image for which you'd like some work done, we charge $60.00 per hour, with a half hour minimum charge. Basic cleanup or restoration can often be accomplished in 30 minutes. We can provide prints of these corrected images or provide you with the electronic version at your discretion. Prints will be according to the section below, and electronic versions will be placed on CD at $2.00 per image plus $10.00 per CD. A CD will hold multiple images and can be added to at a later time.


You may find it helpful to read the section digital: prints to understand the basics behind the prints we offer. Suffice it to say though, that we pride ourselves on producing true photographic fidelity and archival properties, and fine art quality prints.

For prints offered in connection with a portrait session prices are as follows:




Individual Prints












talk to us so that we can make a recommendation
based on your intended use






(A package consists of multiple copies and sizes of one image)

  1 - 8"x10"
  2 - 5"x7"
  8 - wallet



  2 - 8"x10"
  4 - 5"x7"
16 - wallet





we can provide a quote once you know which images you want to have


Prints of images found on this web site are available as prints also. These range in price depending upon the output size. Talk to us and we'll figure out what's best for you.

framing prints

After some consideration, we have decided not to provide matting and framing as part of our printing service because of the variation in tastes, both with respect to our images and with respect to the way people choose to decorate. We prefer to give you the freedom to match the matting and framing of your choice. Having the print in hand when you make these choices offers the best chance of your ultimate satisfaction.

The other consideration we used in making this decision was the exorbitant cost involved with shipping framed prints within and out of Canada. Shipping a print alone (and properly) is affordable, while shipping a framed print would have added on close to $100 to the price of the prints. We did not feel that the service merited such an additional cost for our customers.

We can offer framing services, and will gladly prepare a quote to accompany your print acquisition, but be aware that this is custom work, and involves higher shipping costs.



Most images on this site are available for commercial use on-line or in print (and we have many more we aren't displaying here). Rates will be dependent on circulation or estimated viewership depending on the case, as well as exclusivity and length of use. Talk to us and we'll come to an easy agreement. In the meantime please refer to our copyright statement.


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Studio Braun photographic services pricing is in Canadian Dollars. For stock use, personal portrait proofing and prints, with print package specials, digital prints, online ordering, framing, and web content rates.



All text and images unless otherwise indicated are Copyright © 1999 - 2001 by Studio Braun.