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Photographic design for web use

Preparing images for web use should never be a mechanical process. There are tools to help do the work, and many actions are repeatable, but every graphic application needs to be treated individually for two reasons: appearance and download size. Choices regarding file formats, compression ratios, and colour space (model) will ultimately be determined by each image and its intended use. This is true whether the image is going to be a small menu button or a part of a multi-media presentation.

The situation dictates the content.

There are guidelines and rules-of-thumb, but nothing competes with experience. Subtle changes and optimization of presentation techniques can make the difference between a successful page and a total failure (such as a visitor closing the browser window before they've even loaded the entire page).

We can do buttons; and we can do menu items. If that's all your site is going to need we'll refer you to our webwork section on Graphic Design. If your site requires more contextual images however, read on.

Sourcing images based on the activities and environment (and even people) of your organization can form the strongest basis for good web design. Incorporating these images into the masthead, banner, navigation or introduction areas of your pages makes the most cohesive and visually appealing options available.

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We can even do low-filesize, large impact splashes if the situation calls for it: click here. (this link opens in a new window and requires javascript to do so).

Web based, web specific photography from banner design to corporate image and stock creation.



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