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Tokyo, Kyoto, and minor travels in between

Bladerunner metropolis to Geisha walked streets - separated by a thousand years, millions of people, and surprisingly few kilometers.

Follow this link: Japan Travels - Tokyo, Kyoto, and in between

Up on the Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail - in the Bruce Peninsula National Park

"It must be pretty beautiful if they made it a national park..."   See for yourself.

Follow this link: Bruce Trail - in the Bruce Peninsula National Park


Singapore: The Virtual Tourist

Viewing this page is conspiring to virtual tourism, both because you're not really touring, and because I was there on a business trip with limited time for travel photography and travelogue. Singapore is a beautiful place though, and I hope some of this photography shows my appreciation of it.

Follow this link: Singapore: The Virtual Tourist

A pedestrian market in the old section, with mountains rising back up behind

Ecuador (incidental photos)

There was a party to go to in Mindo, and these are some of the pictures that happened on the way.                                                

Follow this link: Ecuador (incidental photos)

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